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Let's socialize!

Hey there!

It's great to see you among us. We'll start off with a short intro about ourselves. We are a team of young, driven entrepreneurs with one goal: changing the relationship standards between the online vendor and customer. We feel like the current standards are too formal, boring and uninteresting.  

We want to become the local electronics shop around the corner. The clothing shop from across. The fitness shop a street further. We want to socialize, connect, help and advise. As if we're face to face, just like in a physical store.

 That's why we're aiming to prioritize your desire, at any situation, at any time. Ask any question, we'll come right back at you. Seriously, /any/ question! Product related or not. We're in for a talk.

 We are new! And that's why we're refreshing. We're eager to help. Our customer care is top notch and we'll work around the clock for you to answer your needs and fix problems, may they ever occur. Shipping too late? (Whut? Nah, impossible!) Let us know. We'll directly compensate. 

 Our products won't be published before being tested: we always do. Only when passing through the test phase, it'll receive an approval. However: this doesn't mean that the risks of shipping and inflicted damage by during the process is ruled out. If a situation like this occurs, we'll be there for you. This also counts for any other unexpected conflicts. As long as we're able to help, we'll continue to reach for the best solutions in both our favors.

See any beauty mistakes or flaws in our webshop? Please let us know! Contact us at and we'll get it fixed right away.

Alrighty, then! Are you excited yet? Because we are.

Hope to speak to you soon! 


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